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Child Protector Pro is a great new software, designed to limit your children's access
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7 August 2009

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Nowadays everyone has a computer at home and children are also familiar with computers. Children use computer quite frequently to play games, watch educational programs, internet browsing etc. If you restrict them by telling don`t use then they will use more often because of curiosity. To go away from this tricky situation Child Protector Pro software will help you to limit your children`s access to the computer.

Features: The software is nicely designed keeping in view parent`s requirement to limit access to the computer. All the settings are authorized to administrator and program is protected with password. No one can close, delete or uninstalled software without entering administrator password. Only administrator can change system date and time. Software allows you to define three access forbidden time intervals per day of the week. You can create different timetable as per vacation, exam, holiday etc. and save them on your computer. File is saved with .zscpp extension and this format is only recognized by Child Protector Software. You can reload the saved file as per your profile saved earlier. You can define how program should response when your child accesses the computer in a forbidden time interval. It allows you four response options as turn off, hibernate, log off and block.

Setting option allows you to set change password and change background color as per your choice. Application is supported for Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows XP operating system.

Overall: This is a nice tool to limit children access to the computer.

Publisher's description

Child Protector Pro is a great new software, designed to limit your children's access to the computer.
Because the children of nowadays are very familiar with computers, it's very hard to create a software that can oblige them to respect a timetable defined by the parents. There are many things that must have be in view, otherwise we can realize that your children find some tricky ways to dodge it.
We created a software for your silence, handling all the ways that your child can use to doge the timetable created by you. Some nice features are the following:
- timetable settings cannot be changed without entering the administrator password of the program
- it cannot be closed, deleted or uninstalled without entering the administrator password of the program
- doesn't allow to change the system date / time
- you can define 3 time intervals for each day of the week, when your child's access to the computer is forbidden
- you can save different profiles to files and reload them each time when you need to change the timetable according to different parts of the year, like vacations, holidays, exams and so on.
- you can set the way how the program have to respond when your child is trying to use the computer in a forbidden time interval. You have 3 choices: turn off, hibernate or log off.
- you have the possibility to disable the protection, if you have activated it mistakenly, because before the program proceed, there are 20 seconds to enter your password and disable it.
Child Protector Pro
Child Protector Pro
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